Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blackout03 Wins Audience Award at DUTF!

Blackout03 won the Best Audience Award at the 2015 Downtown Urban Theater Festival (along with Shonali Bhowmik's Bedbugs and Hot Pockets)!  Whoo-hoo!  A big thank you again to Marc Newell, DeVante Lewis, Sara Lyons, Keri Landeiro, Lindsey Austen, Alex Major, LaTonia Phipps, Chinaza Uche, our Indiegogo supporters, and all of the wonderful people that came to see the show!  Here are some pics from the performance:
"You know who always cared that I was black?"  Chinaza Uche in performance.
Lindsey Austen in performance.

"Lori, get over here!" LaTonia Phipps, Lindsey Austen, and Alex Major in performance.

"This is a dragon eating the bunny." LaTonia Phipps, Chinaza Uche, Lindsey Austen, and Alex Major in performance.

"He died for you." Alex Major and Lindsey Austen in performance.

"You're beautiful when you're pissed, but you pretty much knock me to the ground when you smile."  Chinaza Uche and Latonia Phipps in performance.