Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Many August Things! EP Release from CREEK AND KILLS! And THEATER TO THE PEOPLE Looking for New Collaborators!

 August Is Busy...CREEK AND KILLS Is Releasing Our New EP, "Unstitching"

This release has been almost a year in the coming...we recorded all of this EP separately in our homes, a true pandemic passion project that kept us going.

If you want to hear what it's all about, and support us, go to the lovely Bandcamp and do it up:

If you'd like to check out what folx are saying about "Unstitching," check out this beautiful review from Full Time Aesthetic:

Also, AUGUST!  THEATER TO THE PEOPLE Is Interviewing Interested Folx to Join Our Third Ensemble Sept.-Oct. 2021...

...if you or someone you know is interested, please drop us a line...we're interviewing through the end of August...


Sunday, May 23, 2021

So Many Exciting Things In the Works...Here's One: FALCONWORKS THEATER and OFF THE HOOK

 There are so many exciting things happening!  So after a break from new posts here...I'm going to be posting a lot over the next few months!

First up, in April, I started working with Falconworks Theater as the Teaching Artist leading their Off the Hook program, where we collaborate with young people (ages 10-13) to help them write original plays.  We will be producing these exciting new works virtually in June...more soon!

Falconworks Theater Company