January 2019:

My play Blacked Out was featured in the Cold Reading Series at The Artist Co-op on January 21st.  It was the first time I've heard this four-act work the whole way through, and I learned a lot about the play!  Big thanks to Stephanie Miller, Rachel Berger, and the very talented writers and actors who came out despite the frigid cold that night.

The Reverse Engineers had a blast playing at El Cortez on January 10th!  We love playing with our friends A Devil's Broadcast and Marzipan!

October and November 2018:

The Reverse Engineers had a huge blowout party for Marc's birthday @ The Slope Lounge in Brooklyn.  So many friends, and so much fun!

TRE also had sessions at These Outer Spaces Studio with Max Low for our first full-length recording!  Very exciting!  We should be putting out this nine-song release early in 2019.

Me @ TOS Studio
Marc @ TOS Studio
Mary @ TOS Studio

September 2018:
The Reverse Engineers performed for the North Brooklyn Boat Club's annual Rock the Pulaski fundraiser.
Marc, Mary, and me @ NBBC.  Can you tell that bridge behind us is ROCKING?

 June 2018:
I was asked to be the graduation speaker for the International High School at Prospect Heights commencement on June 25th.  This was a true honor and a first for me!  I loved being a playwright-in-residence at IHSPH for over ten years, and was truly humbled that they asked me to speak on their big day.  Congratulations IHSPH Class of '18!

May 2018:
The Reverse Engineers played a couple of really fun shows: one with House Division (Marc's other project) @ Freddy's Bar in Park Slope and another with the hilarious and talented Mary Crosbie and friends @ Kingsland in Greenpoint.

I was invited to be a part of Full Circle, a collective mentorship program for female-identifying theatre artists, sponsored by Clutch ProductionsI'll need the support and advice of this wonderful group of artists during the coming year as I head up the Ant and Dove Collective's first public reading series and get Counting Backward back in front of audiences for a full production.

April 2018:  
The Absolutely True Story of Herne the Hunter was named a finalist for the first Shakespeare's New Contemporaries Award from the American Shakespeare Center in Virginia.  A big thank you to the artists of the Ant and Dove Collective who supported me and this work through its early development!

March 2018:
I had a phenomenal experience collaborating with director Ariel Francouer, actors Lauren Baez, Erin Glass, Sierra Leverett, and Sara States, and music director Max Low on a staged reading of my new play with songs, Counting Backward.  Thanks to the support of a space grant from the Park Avenue Armory Education Department, we were able to get fifty+ hours of rehearsal in, and our two performances for invited audiences far exceeded my expectations.  Hoping to produce this work in 2019!

Sierra Leverett, Lauren Baez, Ariel Francoeur, yours truly, Erin Glass, and Sara Elizabeth States in Company Room G @ Park Avenue Armory after one of our performances.

On the last day of March, Mary and I played a bass-and-drums-only TRE set to open for Slut Magic's CD Release party at Wayward Social, along with The Shook Ones.  Since Marc was out of town and it was just us girls, we decided to make the night into a little feminist performance art.  We made patriarchy suits and then stripped out of them during our set!

Mary and me playing in our "patriarchy suits."

And then we stripped off that patriarchy, because that shit's uncomfortable!
February and January 2018:
The Reverse Engineers played a couple gigs at El Cortez in Bushwick with our new guitarist, Marc!  He sounds great and we adore him.  And so fun to be playing out again!

The Reverse Engineers @ El Cortez
Me @ El Cortez

January 2018: I was thrilled to write On The Verge in under twenty-four hours for the Bechdel Group's 24-Hour Play Challenge!  We met for a quick meeting on Sunday, January 28th, and I received two character names (Teresa and Matt) and chose three actresses to write for (the amazing Marla Yost, Barbara Matovu, and Candace Janee), and off I went to The Artist Co-op to write for the rest of the day.  On The Verge ended up being a very spooky world with an endless snowstorm, a kidnapped electronica duo, and one desperate lady on the verge...perhaps forever.  Marla, Barbara, and Candace were amazing, and I'm so grateful to Gina and all The Bechdel Group folks for the opportunity!

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