Friday, October 2, 2020


 Hello, hello!

Wow, every week is such a journey these days...hope all of you are hanging in there!

Continuing to make music and theater during all of this is definitely keeping me sane, and I am so grateful to the other artists I collaborate with for being resilient and creative and INSPIRING ME.

Here are some things I've made (in collaboration with amazing people!) that I want to share...


CREEK AND KILLS has released a new single, "September 15," and all of our music/merch sales on Bandcamp (until we say otherwise) will go to the Center for Reproductive Rights and the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Want to support?  Go here:

And...I have a couple of short plays, ON THE VERGE and LIBERTY ENLIGHTENING THE WORLD, which are going to be presented via live stream as a part of the empowHER Reading Series from Clutch Productions.


Clutch Productions, Inc.

Theme 1 of the empowHER Reading Series 
Premieres Saturday at 7pm

The readings will be streamed through the Clutch website and Facebook page.

Tickets are FREE but RSVP recommended.

Premiere Stream: Saturday, October 3rd at 7pm (EST)
Encore Stream: Sunday, October 4th at 3pm (EST) 

Featured pieces include (and order to be determined):

By Kate Bell
Directed by Raquel Almazan
Matt and Stevie are on tour, sharing their very un-douchey electronica performance art with America! Nothing can stop them – except for the snowstorm of the century and a lonely stranger's desperation.

By Allison Fradkin
Directed by Lee Douglass
In the Christian Patriarchy Movement, it is wholly appropriate for girls to be seen and not heard as they fulfill their life's mission of submission. But what happens when these docile disciples come to the revolutionary realization that using their voices and making their own choices is not akin to the sin of vanity – or insanity?

By Emma Goldman-Sherman
Directed by Lee Douglass
Have you thanked your mother today? No One does the dishes forever in this comic look at the never-ending cycle of the domestic labors of love.

By Debora Peña
Directed by Aleesha Nash
Marianne has never been more proud of her daughter, Anne, a recently published academic at the beginning of what will certainly be a highly successful career. She has given her child everything, living vicariously through her achievements. When an unexpected guest arrives at the party, old wounds open and fears of being overshadowed yet again leave Marianne no choice but to speak her truth.

By Jane Willis
Directed by Vanessa Morosco
Washington is at a boiling point. Protesters have been labeled traitors by the President, and their lives are in danger. White and Black women struggle to navigate the deeply embedded racism that divides them from unity. Welcome to 1917 and the Suffragists’ fight for the Vote!


Thursday, August 6, 2020

The New Creek and Kills Single, "The Parade Now," Available on Bandcamp

Creek and Kills is very excited to announce the release of our new single, "The Parade Now," available for download on Bandcamp!

Track Cover Photo by Michelle Layne Lawson

At the beginning of quarantine, we were developing the music for this song along with "Unstitching," but the lyrics came later, as Black Lives Matter protests surged in the Twin Cities, here in NYC, and across the world. We have been working on becoming better white allies and accomplices to the movement, and we acknowledge that this work must be ongoing, and we're committed to that continuing process. "The Parade Now" is dedicated to all of the BIPOC communities who have been fighting for justice and equality for too long.

In June, thanks to many supporters, Creek and Kills raised over $1,200 for two Twin Cities organizations doing antiracist work.  Now, at least until the end of August, all of our music and merch sales will be donated to these two antiracist organizations here in NYC:

The Audre Lorde Project.

If you want to support, please go to our Bandcamp page:
For more information about Creek and Kills:

Monday, July 27, 2020

Creek and Kills Summer of Giving

Creek and Kills is making this summer a "summer of giving."  After raising over $1200 during the month of June for two anti-racist organizations in the Twin Cities, we're turning toward home, and for July and August, all of our music and merch sales on Bandcamp will go to these two anti-racist organizations here in NYC:

We'll be releasing our new single "The Parade Now" on Friday, August 7th on Bandcamp.
Come help us raise money for both of these amazing anti-racist orgs here in NYC:

Friday, June 5, 2020

Help CREEK AND KILLS Raise Money for Anti-Racist Resistance

During the month of June, all money raised 
from any of CREEK AND KILLS 
recordings or merch will go to:
Black Visions Collective
and Women for Political Change


WFPC 2020 Campaign Cohort Application
Both organizations are doing incredible work fighting racism, patriarchy, white supremacy, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and classism in the Twin Cities and beyond. Let's help them to make lasting change for the better!

We're releasing our new single, "Unstitching," today as a part of our fundraising push to raise money to support anti-racist resistance.

You can see the video for "Unstitching" (beautifully edited by our drummer, Erin!) here:

We wrote and recorded "Unstitching" during the COVID quarantine, each of us working separately, sending files back and forth. I learned how to use Garage Band, Erin learned how to use MIDI drums, and Marc did the mixing/editing with us over video conference. Now that we're back in a space together (in masks), we're loving to get to play this new song as a band in real time.

If you'd like to buy the new single and help us to support the cause, go to the Creek and Kills bandcamp page:

Special June Dates: 

Friday June 5th--"Unstitching" release date and NO BANDCAMP fees--all CREEK AND KILLS sales on bandcamp will go to Black Visions Collective and Women for Political Change

Friday June 19th--All bandcamp fees will go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and all CREEK AND KILLS sales on bandcamp will go to Black Visions Collective and Women for Political Change

Every other day in June...any money we take in for recordings or merch will go to Black Visions Collective and Women for Political Change

Strength and love to you...thank you!  xoK

Monday, February 24, 2020

Theater to the People: HOME Is Looking for Our Second Ensemble


Theater to the People: HOME is a series of theater-making workshops with a special focus on social justice and community building around the issues of immigration and gentrification. It is open to adults (18+) of any level of skill and experience. Participants will develop an original short theater piece through improvisation, physical theater and clowning techniques, creative writing, music, and devising as an ensemble, using theater making as a tool to discuss the social-justice issues connected to the theme of “Home” and what it means in our rapidly gentrifying “city of immigrants,” where many of us find our sense of safety and ability to feel at home threatened by outside forces.

All workshops will be conducted in both Spanish and English, but speakers of any language are welcome.


March 2–May 11, 2020
A commitment to MOST of the workshops is requested, but drop-ins to “try it out” are welcome.
All workshops will occur at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, 421 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
More info:

Register by

Theater to the People: Home is a part of BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange’s Creating Space Series.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

CREEK AND KILLS @ Alphaville Tuesday 2/11 with Gang Box and Basic Bitches

We are very excited about next Tuesday...we have a new song about making out in an empty subway car!  Come out and let us romance you, no matter how you feel about all the Valentine's madness...

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

CREEK AND KILLS @ The Way Station on Saturday January 18th

Happy new decade!  2020!  Here we go...

I'm very excited to be starting it off sharing a bill at Brooklyn's The Way Station with some amazing musicians: The Elgin Marbles!  Faith NYC! And of course, it's always an honor to be up there playing with Marc and Erin in Creek and Kills!

Also, we added the sexy blues stylings of Miss Jane and the Morning After Band at 11pm!

So come join us!  It's going to be a great night of music...

@ 683 Washington Avenue


8pm The Elgin Marbles
9pm Faith NYC
10pm Creek and Kills
11pm Miss Jane and the Morning After Band

No cover, tips only (so bring your bills to show these folks some love!)