Full-Length Plays

Counting Backward (A Play with Songs)
4 W
How does the choice to be a mother (or not) impact BFFs?  Four women take a journey backward in time through baby showers and other adventures, looking for each other. 

Blacked Out
2 W, 2 M
Four actors, sixteen characters, and four New York City blackouts.  A journey through forty years of history and an imagined future, exploring how racial and class tensions have both changed and stayed the same.
Blackout03 (from Blacked Out) at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival at HERE Arts Center.

5 W, 4 M
Floyd Toone's death brought no peace. Even before they can get him in the ground, his sister Lona and niece Darla discover that his house has been broken into.  But Floyd's house is not the only thing broken into or just broken in this family. A funny and touching play about coming out (and staying in the closet) in Texas, and how the right music and the right moves can keep you strong even when it's your heart that's breaking.

Trashed Out
3W, 2M
What happens to those who have to pick up the pieces of the broken American dream? Nightmares and economics meet in the schemes and tragic hopes of a few people lost in Florida's foreclosure jungle.

Love Magic Eagle Street
3W, 3M
Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Eagle Street. An aging punkrocker discovers his estranged teenage daughter on his doorstep. A single mother of four finds her retired father in bed with a girl forty years his junior. A jilted merch girl falls for the "bug guy." Six amazing people are about to find out whether love spells are for real.

Poster Design by Monika Deeran for a reading at Gallery Players 2013 Black Box Festival

6W, 6M
In a war-torn land, a girl and a lion fall in love and try to escape. An exploration of a culture of war, a war between cultures, and the human animal's drive toward freedom.

4W, 5M
A contemporary post-myth of the Persephone story where Persephone decides never to return from the Underworld, throwing the future of the human race into question. A fantastical journey into the cruelty of gods and the fraught love between mothers and daughters.

Lions of Babylon

3W, 2M
Laura Ann has been at war with her mother and sister for years, but now that her brother has returned from the Iraq war refusing to speak, will the Samuels women put aside their differences to help Hank break the silence?

Estrella, My Refugee
6W, 4M
As a child in the early 1980s, Lisa first met Estrella when the older woman found sanctuary in Lisa’s church as a refugee from the civil war in El Salvador. Decades later, when Lisa is a young idealist fresh from law school Estrella comes back into her life, appearing on Lisa’s doorstep and demanding that the young American take her back to El Salvador to die.

Short Plays

Grown-Ass Women
3W, 10 minutes
Three best friends in the women's bathroom during senior prom. One has a full-ride to a prestigious school. One's headed to community college with a locket full of her boyfriend's hair. And one is wrestling with big disappointment. Does friendship really last forever when you're grown-ass women?

Ariel Fonseca in the Lower Manhattan Arts Academy's production of Grown-Ass Women.

Kids in the Sky
4W, 50 minutes
Julie Williams is a teaching artist working as an after-school music teacher in a Brooklyn elementary school. She really wants to save the world . . . but isn't entirely sure how. Kids in the Sky explores the boundaries of race and class and celebrates the will to overcome fear of failure.

Kelley Renee Armstrong and Coreen Hamilton in Kids in the Sky at Silver Spring Stage 2013 One Act Festival

The Waiting Room
4W, 1M, 25 minutes
Choice and responsibility meet at closing time at a sliding-fee women's health clinic in Brooklyn, where fifteen-year-old Dulce Ramos needs help and the voices of the past can still be heard.

Seventh Circle, Second Ring

3W, 10 minutes
Based on the second ring of the seventh circle of hell described in Dante's Inferno, a young woman and her shade face the Harpy.

Last Call
4W, 10 minutes
Deep-friend inspiration and tequila creativity: four waitresses together against the world after hours in an East Village bar.

The Greatest Tribulation of the Heart
1 W, 4M, 10 minutes
It's the hottest day of July. Janine, in a heartbroken haze, gets on the R train and ends up at an old man's boozer in Queens. A funny celebration of the hidden kindness of the Outer Boroughs, The Greatest Tribulation of the Heart explores the mystery and challenges of romantic love as they can be pondered only over a glass of Bud Light on ice.