As a theater artist and musician, COVID-19 has been devastating.  There are still so many unknowns, but I continue to create new work and try to find ways of staying connected to my creative practice and communities during the pandemic.

Between the months of March and July 2020, Creek and Kills had eight gigs booked--here in NYC, in Westchester, and we were planning a mini-tour of New England in early July with our friends The Lousekateers.  Due to COVID-19, all of those shows were canceled.

I was also invited to write again for the One-Minute Play Festival, which was supposed to have happened this spring in NYC.  That has been postponed due to COVID-19. 

But there are still some exciting things in the works coming up...

July 2020

Creek and Kills hopes to release another new single, untitled as of yet.  We began working on this song during quarantine, trading Garage Band files.   

Summer-Fall 2020
I have two short plays being developed in Clutch Productions' 2020 empowHER Reading Series, Liberty Enlightening the World and On the Verge.  We'll be doing development work mostly through video conferencing this summer, and there's hope of an in-person performance (outside, socially distanced, and with masks) in the early fall. 



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