Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Big Thank You to Red Fern Theatre, Director Chris Diercksen, and the Wonderful Cast of This Week's Reading of Juke!

From L to R: Jinn Kim, Chris Diercksen, Lynn Craig, Sheila Joon, ME (in the front), Kathleen Marsh, David Brian Colbert, Rita Marchelya, Patricia Olvera, Bob C. Armstrong, John DeSylvestri, and DeSean Stokes
I learned so much about my new play Juke at Monday night's reading!  The cast was so generous, really giving the play the thoughtful care and energy that it needs, and Chris Diercksen, the director, gave me a lot of solid feedback and helped to craft what was a really special evening for me (and I hope everyone there).  And I'm so grateful to have a connection to Melanie Moyer Williams and Red Fern(Thank you Elizabeth Flax!)  To be able to hear this play (in its draft 1.5!) and discuss it with an audience really gives me so much fodder for diving back in for the next round of rewrites.  So many possibilities...

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