Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Reverse Engineers @ NBBC's Summer Party Sat. 7/21


Okay, so we were supposed to play for the Solstice Party on June 23rd, but it got rained out, so we're hoping that the rain will stay away for at least the first half of this weekend.  NBBC's parties are super-fun, we have a brand new song to share with you ("Bethesda"!), and there are three other great bands!  Plus, all the proceeds support the North Brooklyn Boat Club, home of environmental stewardship and getting all New Yorkers out on our beautiful estuary in human-powered boats!  These are all good things...come join us on Saturday...except don't, since now it's canceled.

Saturday July 21st
Gate open @ 6pm, TRE on at 7pm
North Brooklyn Boat Club @ Broadway Stages Boatyard 
51 Ash Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
(Under the Pulaski Bridge!)

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