Thursday, January 31, 2019

MERCH GIRLS Staged Reading on Sat. 2/9, 4pm @ Alchemical Studios

I'm very excited to announce that my newest play, Merch Girls, will be having a staged reading at Alchemical Studios (Studio One) on Saturday, February 9th @ 4pm. 

We received support from a Park Avenue Armory Education Space Grant to workshop the play over the past few weeks, and this reading is the first in a series this winter/spring from Ant and Dove, a writers collective.
More information is below...
If you'd like to come, please reserve your place through our Eventbrite:

Ant and Dove Collective Presents:
by Kate Bell
Directed by Ariel Francoeur
A Staged Reading, Saturday, February 9th, 4pm

Alchemical Studios, 104 West 14th Street, Studio One (1st Floor)

MERCH GIRLS SYNOPSIS:  Justine, Nora, and Kelly have this high school thing in check. They get good grades, don’t hate their mothers, and have boyfriends that play together in one of the coolest bands in town, Korova Milkbar. And the boys let the girls run the merch table at all the shows. High school rocks! But when one of Justine’s teachers kisses her, the girls start asking questions about whether everything is as great as it seems. Left by the boys to pack up their gear after a gig, Justine, Nora, and Kelly play the boys’ instruments for the first time together, and summon a voracious monster made of teenage girls, a force of pure destruction from outside the gendered power structure. The monster wants to sell the merch girls on the idea that it’s time to destroy the world and start over. A sci-fi feminist adventure for everyone trying to figure out what to do with their anger in this #metoo moment, Merch Girls explores the power and danger of female rage and asks what comes next after our monsters are released into the world.


Jessica Batista

Alexis Braxton

Caylyn Creager

Jeff Ebner

Ann Herberger

Carolyn Kang

Julia Labusch

Gabriela Llarena

Stephanie Miller

Turner Morehead

Jillian Puhalla

Jake Robbins

Deborah Rose

Niki Sawyer

Adi Schor

Emily Sullivan

Alani Waters

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